How We Brought Christmas To Strangers

   So my friend Jason calls me one morning while I was getting ready for work and says: “Hey listen, I was just driving down the streets in the San Fernando Valley and I see this huge group of labor workers. So I got an idea”
Me- “I’m all ears”
Jason- “What if we get 100 gifts, wrap them up, and give them out to random workers, people at the bus stop etc. to spread the Christmas cheer?”
I had my cell phone between my shoulder and my ear and was holding my mascara with the other hand trying to get ready, but I exclaimed: “I love the idea”!!! 
It’s like a huge light bulb went on. I thought of 1 million different ways to do it. 
Recently, I have been working every single day and very long hours. The only morning I had off was December 22. So, we set the date. 
   I brought in my girlfriend Rochelle to help out with the cause. We put on our “Mrs. Santa” outfits and hit the streets. Ironically, it was raining that morning, which it almost never does in Los Angeles. This was the only time I had off, so we had to do it. There was no going back. We got the gifts packed, jumped in the truck and started driving on the streets of the San Fernando Valley. The first hour we came across nothing but empty streets. No people at the bus stops, almost no people anywhere! Where has everyone gone? Is everyone out of town for Christmas? What about those labor workers that are trying to feed their families? I’m thinking, it must be the rain. 
   One thing you need to know if you don’t live in Los Angeles, is that the rain is so unusual so when it does rain, people behave like it’s the end of the world. I know, I was laughing at that years ago too, but I understand it now. When you get used to perfectly sunny weather all year around and something unusual like 47°F weather or a little bit of rain hits you, you just want to stay inside where it’s warm and cozy.
   Well, that wasn’t going to stop us. We turned the radio on to the Christmas music channel and started singing in the car. The next thing you know, the sun is coming out. Yay!!! We can still bring Christmas into peoples lives today. We see a library and there are about seven people waiting in line. To me it was refreshing, as I’m a huge book worm, to see that people actually stand in line at the Library to read in this day and age of the internet .
   We got off the truck and started passing out gifts. People’s reactions were very interesting. I think some were in shock to see my girlfriend and I dressed in Santa’s outfits with Jason following us around with a steady cam. Yes, that is something I forgot to mention. We thought it would be a great idea to capture people’s reactions to us passing out gifts and also hoped to inspire others to do the same.Here is the link so you guys can see what we did. It’s a Christmas Miracle
   The whole process lasted for one minute. We passed them out and ran back to the truck. The burst of amazing energy that was going through my body is something I cannot explain. It felt so good. I’m aware of how great it feels when you help somebody or do something nice for someone, but this was a whole different level. These were complete strangers. People that I saw for a second and I’ll probably never see again. This act was something that I call unconditional giving or love.
    The next group of people we found were labor workers. I could not tell you how happy they were. Well, I guess you can see the video of their reactions to verify that.
The curiosity, the big smiles, the shock and the admiration that we saw on their faces was well worth it.
Watching the footage afterwords, we noticed that some of them were actually smoking weed! So, I think the donuts that we passed around actually came in handy  lol 
 The time flew by so fast! We would get out of the truck, pass out gifts, get back in the truck, sing a Christmas song and then hit the next stop. The whole process was so fast, it became second nature. I really loved the feeling and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I would do it through the snow, I would do it through the rain and I would do it with only 2 hours of sleep. 
   So, on these holidays I challenge you to give a gift and not just to person that you know, but to a complete stranger. It doesn’t have to be material. It could be a service, it could be a complement, it could be as simple as a smile. You see, when you make one person feel good, they will end up making 2 other people feel good and the snow ball effect takes place. We can make the world a better place one step at a time, one gift at a time. Share the love, enjoy the holidays and I will see you in the new year. 
Love you all ❤️
Truly yours,
Veronica Parks #VPLove

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