Slow down

 Are you always in a rush? Always hurrying to get somewhere and it feels like everyone is going too slow and getting in your way?
Yes that is me, to a certain degree, but I’ve come a long way. 

   I’ve always been a fast walker. I developed that over the years and I have yet to meet anyone that can match my speed walking skills. It all started in my childhood with me trying to walk to school with my dad. He was always walking fast and in order to keep up with him, I had to take big steps. He stopped me and said: “That’s not a lady like walk. You need to make small steps, walk on a straight line and keep your head and chest up“. Just for the luxury of walking with my dad to school, I had to learn to speed walk in order to keep up with him. Oh and still look like a lady 🙂

   Time is everything to me. It’s the most precious thing that I possess and I try to choose very wisely how I spend it. So the speedwalking skill definitely helps me get to places a lot quicker.

   I also like to get things done fast so I have become an expert multitasker to get more accomplished during the day. There is a tremendous career advantage by being that way. I call it being an unstoppable go-getter. However, I have to remind myself to slow down sometimes. It’s pretty difficult for me to do that. It’s great to be productive and accomplish many things, but there are times that slowing down is imperative. You see, only when I slow down and allow myself to be lazy, does my creative side come out. Isn’t that ironic?:) I’m able to do more projects, like writing this blog for example, or the next script for my YouTube show

So how can we learn to slow down in the midst of our busy lives?

Let’s say that you are late for meeting or your job, how do you react? I used to always stress out even if I was one minute late. I live by the mantra that if you’re not 15 minutes early for a job, then you’re late. I would always rush and I would get stressed. As a result, everything seemed to get in my way exactly at that moment. Then I learned to avoid that fluster by leaving home early and accounting for the last-minute obstacles. That has done wonders for me. I’m always calm and it’s like I see the fast life in slow motion. It’s a beautiful thing. By doing that, I became so calm about the small encounters that came my way. So, if something were to happen and I was late, I handled the situation with much more grace (or as my dad would say, “like a lady”). I mean, if you’re already late, there is no reason to stress about it. Just get there as soon as you can, keep calm and don’t overwork yourself in the process. At the end of the day we are only human and accidents always happen. Don’t make a habit out of being late of course because you don’t want that reputation and if an accident does happen, so be it. 

  Rushing all the time makes us feel like we’re in this rat race that never ends. Like we’re running around in circles, yet never seem to get anywhere.

  A great way to slow down is include a daily 15 minute meditation or just an hour of silent time where you’re not distracted by anything else in life. Just let your mind go. You’ll find the answers to your dilemmas and you’ll find time for precious people and things in your life. Don’t rush!!! Be calm and MOST OF ALL appreciate every moment:)))
Truly yours, 

Veronica Parks #VPLove


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