Learn To Receive Gifts

  Can we and should we learn to receive gifts? It might seem trivial, but you’ll be surprised if you actually observe the way you react when people try to offer something to you.
Often times in life, we are offered gifts that we don’t accept, and as a result, our lives aren’t abundant. Doesn’t that seem strange?

    Although many of us truly enjoy giving to others, whether it’s your time, material things, your expertise, love, etc, we don’t really know how to receive gifts in return.

     I am one of those. I get a tremendous amount of pleasure when I give. Believe me, when you’re able to help someone and put a smile on their face, it grows your heart, makes you feel happier and ultimately helps you grow as a person. However, often times I’m hesitant to accept gifts from a person I haven’t given anything to yet. Actually, it makes me feel guilty.

    People, in general, can be bad at receiving gifts. For example, someone tries to help improve your life and you turn it down because “You Can Do It By Yourself”. Someone offers you a gift and you complain that it “is not what you desire”. Someone offers you love and you don’t accept it because you’re afraid that “you won’t be able to return the favor”.           Sure there are circumstances when some offers are not good for you. There are people that help you and they expect a great amount in return. I personally don’t consider that being a true gift. Sounds like more of a transaction to me. It’s almost like I’m lending you something now and I expect something in return later. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, I just won’t categorize that as a gift.

  Learn to accept gifts and say thank you. Even if you believe that is not what you desire, say thank you anyway!!! The intention is a lot greater than the outcome. If someone offers you their knowledge and expertise, don’t be quick to shoot them down and become defensive. Listen to what they have to say with an open mind because you might be surprised how it can help you become a better person. So accept what is given to you with love and express gratitude for everything you have!

What happens when you give and get nothing in return you ask? Well that’s the beauty of giving. You know you helped someone and you already collected the benefit of doing something generous. You feel great about yourself, so why have any expectations?

Believe me, goodness can come from different places/people and you’ll be sure to get back a lot more than you ever gave. 

I invite you to accept help with grace and know deep in your heart that everything happens for reason!

Truly yours,

Veronica Parks. #VPLove

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One thought on “Learn To Receive Gifts

  1. Interesting post, Veronica. Have you ever looked into societies based on (I think its called) potlatching? This is where giving is used almost as an act of aggression because it sets up a state of obligation that the other party cannot, at times, fulfil.
    Kindness – Robert.


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