Make The Best Out Of Every Situation

Make the best out of every situation. I know it’s easier said than done, but you must try. Sometimes we get stuck doing a job that we are not super excited about, or even hate, from the bottom of our heart. We all find ourselves in that position at one point or another in our lives. You need to remember one thing: You signed up for it! You made the choice to do it, so be positive and make the best of it.

How, you ask?

Look around because there’s got to be one or two things that you like about your job. It could be the people you work with, the office location, or the money, which gives you security. Hey, it could even be that amazing coffee machine:) Seek out these things, no matter how small they are. There has got to be something you really like about your job. You see, we focus our energy on the negative things around us too much. When you do that enough, you will find yourself bitter about your job, but it doesn’t end there. It WILL carry over into your everyday life.

I know when I do certain jobs that aren’t ideal and don’t live up to my expectations, I choose to have fun with it and focus on the positive things about that task. Remember my earlier point? I made the choice to be there in the first place. My life mantra is: “If I ever feel like I’m working, I know I’m doing the wrong thing“. I really love what I do and I invite you to do the same. Make the best out of every situation you’re in and if its not ideal, than work harder to get to that place. 

Don’t forget, you are EXACTLY where you need to be and you are EXACTLY where you choose to be!

Truly yours,

Veronica Parks #VPLove

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