Evaluate Yourself

What do we do every day?
Is it a set routine of working, coming home, taking care of the family, going to sleep and repeating it for 5 days until the weekend when you can go out?
Is it a work for yourself type of job, where you  scatter your days trying to find more contracts to work on?
Is it an artist life, where you work as your inspiration comes and take it one day at the time?
We all have different lives, between our jobs and hobbies, and the dreams we pursue. We find ourselves running through our daily lives just to stay in one place. It’s constantly a go go go never ending process. I mean, that’s life.


I know I have a busy schedule that is different every day. Between work and travel, between writing a blog or filming another show for my YouTube channel, you’ll find me dancing or practicing yoga. In other words it’s a constant race that seems to get faster and faster every day.
What I realized is that it’s really important to see how far you’ve gone, or if you’ve made any progress at all. To find out if you’re moving in the right direction, or if you are even in the right race. You need to evaluate yourself. Many of us tend to do that at the end of the year, right around New Year’s Eve when we think about our achievements. I found it more useful to do that more frequently.
One of the things I do, is set aside at least one hour on Sundays and re-evaluate my whole week. I like to have that time of silence and just think of the progress I’ve made and see if I have improved in any way. It’s very important to find time to reassess exactly where you stand and if we are moving at the right speed.
The other thing I do, is take a few seconds every night and document the highlight of my day. Then at the end of the week I pick one of the best highlights to keep and delete the rest. What do you think about that information for your yearly evaluation, having the most important information documented every day ?
See, we are under the impression that we can remember in great details every good moment of the week. I noticed that I forgotten some of the amazing things that happened just a few weeks ago, and I thought I had a good memory 🙂

So I invite you to try these 2 things to see exactly where you stand, not just in regards to your long term goals, but also to help you memorize the great moments in your live.

Truly yours,

Veronica Parks  #VPLove

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