Get Over Your Past

In life you have 3 choices; to live in the past, live in the present or worry about the future. The happiest people tend to be those who live in the present moment. They are not to hang up on the past or letting the past dictate their lives. They are not putting off enjoying every moment today for some future that might never come.


So if you had some bad relationships in the past that hurt you a lot it’s time to let it go. Trust me I’ve had those and it took me some time to get over it. If you  refuse to do things you use to love because you associate them to bad memories it’s time to move on.

How you ask?

Well obviously every case is different but there are a few things you could try:

-associate the activity you used to love but stopped doing it with a new happy memory. For example, if you really loved hiking, but that’s something you used to do with a friend that betrayed you, it’s time to go hiking with someone you love in this moment and make a new memory. That is just a simple example, but you get the idea.

-forgive yourself for being in a bad relationship, or for failing at something. Don’t be so hard on yourself. We tend to be our own worst critics. Remember you’re not the same person anymore, don’t let that control your present life

-don’t regret anything, those were the choices you made that brought you to where you are today. Just learn from it and move on

-stop thinking about “What if”. Everything that happens, happens for a reason and you can live the life you want today. The power is in your hands

-if you have relationships fallouts, reach out through a call or a letter. Try to find your closure and if the other person is not responsive, at least you did your best and your conscious is clear

-try to remember the good things from your past in great details, make those images in your mind  as colorful as you can. On the other hand, make the bad memories a blur, have them be old black-and-white photographs in your memory that you can barely see or remember much about.

Live in the present moment and cherish every minute because you’ll never get it back!


Truly yours,

Veronica Parks  #VPLove

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