Look Beyond People’s Behavior

Look beyond people’s behavior, because everyone has a bad day.

Some of the rudest treatments I have got was on the sets of TV shows I have worked on. Once in awhile I will get job as a background performer. This one time, I walk up to the catering truck they had on set and ordered veggie scrambled eggs with feta cheese. I was surrounded by a lot of crew/cast members that were doing the same thing. After a few minutes I noticed that those that came after me had received their to go box with the delicious breakfast. I turn to the food truck and see a box waiting to get picked up. I ask the chef if it’s mine while opening it and noticing that it is exactly what I had ordered. At the same time this lady, let’s call her Betty, rushed to me and exclaimed “That is for a crew member, did you put your paws on it?!” I had just barely touched the box as it happened so quick and calmly said “No, I apologize, I thought it was mine”. She had grabbed the box and walked away. For a second I was puzzled because I wasn’t sure I had heard her clearly. Then one of the Assistant Directors looked at me and said “I apologize for Betty, that was very rude”. I shrugged my shoulders and said “Maybe she’s just having a bad day”.

27-images-of-angry-woman-cartoon-you-can-use-these-free-cliparts-for-5znir7-clipart        scrambled-eggs

I thought to myself afterwards, I’m so used to seeing the best in people that sometimes I’m even making excuses for why they act a certain way. Maybe they are plain rude, but hey, I’m not going to let that cloud my day !

Don’t react to people’s energy right away. They might not be at their best in that moment. You don’t know what happened in their lives that triggered that particular behavior. I’m a big believer in finding good in every bad. To be honest with you, when someone acts out in a rude way 90% of the time it’s not about you. So don’t take it personally. They might be going through some rough times, they might be doing the best they can under the current circumstances. You don’t know their story and you end up reacting with the same intensity or even higher. That creates discomfort for both of you. Instead, try to see beyond their behavior, give them the benefit of the doubt. Just because someone has a bad day, it doesn’t mean that yours should be the same. Try to notice what is happening versus reacting to it.

Be the better person, be in control, be wise and cut people some slack !

Yours truly,

Veronica Parks  #VPLove

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