How To Become Happier

How to become happier ? That is a question that I’m always asked and it’s not an easy one to answer, but you already knew that. Becoming happier It’s not an one day or one step process, it takes a lot of work and perseverance.

First and foremost start by making the decision that you want to be happy and believe that it is possible. That’s a very important detail. I know it is possible, do you?

One of the tricks I like to share that works for me and a lot of people I shared it with, is making 2 lists:

  1. In the first list write down all the things you don’t like in your life, things that you even hate. Every little material or non material objects that really annoys you, that you can’t stand. Write down the list of people that really bothered you. List things that you have lost or are missing. Circumstances that you don’t agree with. Fill in those pages with anything that comes to your mind that makes you agitated or even angry. I promise you that this is the best therapy you can get at no cost to you, well maybe a few dollars for some paper and pen.
  2. Now that you let it all out. Let’s fill out new pages with things that you are happy with, things that you are grateful for. You can start as simple as listing your body, your health. I mean, even the fact that we have  legs and arms and we can see, we are already fortunate people. Write anything from material things that you own to your experiences, things that you love to do, amazing family members and friends that you’re grateful for. Don’t leave anything out.

Now that you filled in those pages take a deep breath, hold it… hold it…. let it out.

You are ready for the next step.Take the bad list pages and burn them. Don’t fold them in to four and hide them in to a little corner so you can read it later,  literally burn them.

Then take the good pages and read them at least once a week, while adding new things that you’re grateful for to that list. With time you are going to train yourself to look for the things that you love and are grateful for. You are going to start seeing more positives in your life and ignore the negatives.

Enjoy this little trick and let me know how it worked for you.

Much love,

Veronica Parks   #VPLove




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