Laughter Yoga

One of the exercises I enjoy a lot that added so many benefits to my life and I use it constantly is Laughing. Yes, the  good old laughing.

A friend of mine introduced me to “laughter yoga”. I know it sounds silly at first. Laughter yoga was invented in 1995 by a yoga guru and since then it spread all over the world. Groups of adults would meet up in public places to practice laughter yoga exercises. It’s an absolute joy to watch and it’s so beneficial and amazing to be a part of it.

So get a group of friends and start laughing out loud and soon after you’ll burst into a real laughter. The benefits of doing it in a group environment are tremendous.  It gets you out of the inhibited state of mind and you feed off each other’s energy. Plus it’s so much more fun than doing it by yourself. But that’s always an option. The laugh has to be out loud coming from your diaphragm, not the cutesy little Hollywood smile.

The best part of it is that your body cannot tell the difference between a fake laugh and a real one, so you can still reap the same benefits of biochemical changes.  When you start out, you can force yourself to fake laugh until it become natural.

Laughter yoga has many benefits like: Decreasing stress hormones, Improving your immune system and Busting endorphins. Between feeling more energized and happy you’re also working out your abs. Try laughing for 10 minutes straight and you’ll get your abs really sore. By all means I’m not telling you that this is the only way to get a six pack, but it’s definitely something that has multiple health benefits.

You can start a laughter yoga club with your friends in your living room like I did. I introduced the idea to my friends Sasha, Memo and Marina on one of my trips to Vegas and they had an amazing time. Or you can take it outside into a public park or the beach.

If you’re not sure about this at first, just watch this video (link below) and do it at home in front of your computer. You’ll still  reap of the benefits, then share it with your friends. The link I’m sharing with you guys only states some of the exercises, but they’re so simple and you can come up with something that is related to your skills/interests.

Laugh at yourself, laugh at your misfortunes, laugh at the simplest things and get Yoga High. Yes, there is such thing.

If you start by laughing only for a few minutes every day you’ll notice your happiness level increasing.  In the moments that you find yourself being sad or frustrated about something, get in your car or go to your room and start laughing for no particular reason. Within a few minutes you’re going to feel so great that all the sadness will go away.

I usually like doing the laughing routine in my car. Being in LA I drive a lot and the beautiful traffic always creeps on you. Unlike most people that get frustrated, traffic never bothers me. I am so entertained in my car, between listening to audiobooks and laughing out loud, 2 hours can go by and I still want to drive more.

Laugh out loud, don’t worry about someone thinking that you’re crazy. I mean what does crazy even mean? Or maybe they will think you’re on the phone with someone and you’ll put a smile on their face.  Either way it’s all about you.

Laugh out loud and enjoy every moment of your life!

Laughter Yoga


Much love,

Veronica Parks





6 thoughts on “Laughter Yoga

      1. You should… I am not a laugher. But, when I was living in Bombay, I used to see these gents standing and bellowing with laughter early in the morning, when I would go for a jog. It was therapeutic. When my dad would visit us, he would join them.
        We have a couple of old gents in the condominium where we live, who do this.
        The young folks? They seem to prefer booze!


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