A Random Act Of Kindness

An amazing thing happened to me yesterday. I was at Costco and this elderly lady with a full hand of roses of different colors came up to me and said:


“Would you like a rose?


“Of course, thank you. That is so sweet of you, it almost makes me cry”


“Take it, it’s a rose from Jesus”


“Thank you, red roses are my favorite flowers”

    I mean, wow, what a selfless gesture from a complete stranger. And to add to that, how did it so happened, from all the different color options, she had she gave me a red one?

   The funny thing about the power of imagination. I was thinking about roses for a few days prior and had told myself that when I have a moment I’ll stop by the store and buy myself some red roses as I love them so much.

    I know that incident wasn’t accident at all, it was definitely something I had manifested. I knew that I wanted red roses and that I was going to get them. The thing is that I wasn’t expecting to receive it in that form.  If we want something badly enough and it comes from a good place sooner or later we will get it, but it might not be at all in the form that you are expecting.

    The point that I’m trying to make is that we think about things constantly and our subconscious mind it’s a very powerful thing, so we need to focus our thoughts towards good things that we want in our lives versus bad things, because we get exactly what we focus on.

   That gesture made my day and put a big smile on my face, it’s not something you encounter every day. There are people out there that do selfless things to make this world a better place.  I couldn’t wait to share it with someone else and do something wonderful for another person on my end. It was a very small act of kindness that meant so much to me. The conclusion that I’m trying to make is that sometimes it takes one person to change the world.

   You do something nice for someone, they end up doing something nice for two other people and so it turns into a snowball effect. So when you do something amazing and you help someone, bear in mind that you aren’t just helping one person, you’re helping every other person that that particular individual comes in contact with. That’s why is so important to do random acts of kindness every day.

  Let this be an inspiration for you and today try to do a nice gesture for someone you know or a complete stranger. You can make the world a better place !!!


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