Let Loose And Free Your Creative Side

    Be impulsive today.  Give yourself this wonderful day to be a kid again, to be somebody that was once a part of you.

 Remember when you were a kid and you loved doing some things so much and it made you very happy, remember that impulse to:

– run around free of worries and play with toys

– eat ice cream and not worry about calories

– spin in circles

– watch cartoons

– laugh all day

– sing and dance even when if don’t have the talent

  For me one, of my favorite things is to take off my high heels and walk barefoot on the green grass regardless if I’m wearing a business suit or a conservative dress. I love feeling like a child and feeling as one with nature. For you it might be something else, maybe you like to play certain games or whatever else fits your fancy.

  You had so many things you loved doing as a child. But then you grew up and  you decided that is not an adult like thing to pursue those crazy dreams or do certain things that made you happy. You followed society’s rules and started acting like an adult 24/7 and forgot how to lighten up.

    So let it out today. Let the inner child come out of the shell and enjoy your day as a kid. Laugh, cry,  have fun and forget about your worries for a day. We deserve to give ourselves time to heal and restore. One of my favorite ways to accomplish this is by being a kid again. Love the creativity that comes out of your childish impulses or pursue something you once dreamed of. Stop inhibiting yourself with day to day life and forgetting how good life actually is if you just have a little fun.

Try it for a day. You will discover a new YOU in this process . Gift yourself this day and tell me about your experience and if it changed you in any way.


Thank you for reading #VPLove

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