Let Others Win The Fight

Be in the wrong today.

    Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. Let others be right, even if you think that you are, because our opinions are subjective and often times we don’t see the bigger picture. Plus we know our side of the story but we end up making our conclusions without really hearing the other person.
     Even when you are certain that we are correct and you may win the fight, you realize that you don’t feel that much better proving your point and make sure that others are in the wrong after all. You actually feel much worse, and trust me no one is going to praise you for showing them how wrong they are. No one is going to say:”Johnny thank you so much for showing me how stupidly wrong I was, please don’t hesitate to point fingers at me every time I make a mistake, I will love you forever” (sorry guys, I let my sarcasm out)
     Obviously there are always exceptions to the rule and when you’re trying to save someone from making a huge mistake, be my guest. Be that true friend that shows them the way but don’t do it for your own benefit just to prove a point.
    So let the other person be right. Let them win the fight because at the end of the day you will be the real winner:
  • You’ll collect the reward by keeping a good relationship with the other person
  • You will make them feel better
  • No one cares about keeping a score anyway. You know what you know and that’s all there is to it.
      All I’m saying is that some stuff is not worth fighting for and being right is more of a ego boost than anything else. Don’t sweat the small stuff you guys, it takes a lot more energy to fight with someone then to love or just ignore them completely if you don’t see another way. Plus you will be the one suffering. Save that energy for something good. Life is to short to focus on conflicts, leave it happily and focus on the bright side, let the other person win the fight and keep your peaceful aura, Namaste.
 Veronica Parks

6 thoughts on “Let Others Win The Fight

  1. This is an interesting approach to conflict. Although sometimes I agree it’s not worth the effort to argue with someone, at what point during the interaction are you simply being meek, and cowardly? What if you know the facts, should you still let them be wrong? And at what energy level does it become too much?

    You mention there are exceptions, and I agree, but at what threshold? I would be interested to hear more about what level of morals, beliefs, or self worth must be maintained, in order to let the other person win, for you to still feel good about yourself afterwards.

    And, what if everyone acted like this? How would the World change that we live in? More peaceful for all, or more room for bullies?

    I also think the thresholds of letting the other person win, depends on the subject matter, how passionate you are about the subject, and how the outcome will affect you persoanlly. Let’s explore how each individual is different, and how we are the same, with respect to maintaining dignity, while being accepting of their personal belief paradigm.


    1. Thank you so much Ben, I really appreciate your thoughts and you have a good point. I was mainly focusing on not sweating the small stuff and saving that energy for something greater, but like you said there are always exceptions to the rule.

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      1. Anytime. As a seeker of truth, and a lover of knowledge, I am always digging deeper. I enjoy your inspirational ideas. Looking forward to hearing more.

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