Programming Your Subconscious Mind

I want to start by showing the difference between our conscious and subconscious mind:
The conscious mind is the part of your mind that is responsible for logic and reasoning. If I asked you about the sum of one plus one it’s your conscious mind that is going to be used to make that addition.
The subconscious mind on the other hand is the part of your mind responsible for all of your involuntary actions. Your breathing rate and heart beats and your emotions are controlled by your subconscious mind.
We are and we have exactly what we manifest every day. We focus our thoughts towards the things we don’t want and we are surprised when we just get more of that. And vice versa is true, if we train ourselves to see and focus on the positive, we will attract more great things and people in our lives. So if you caught yourself feeling bad, imagining the worst case scenario then your subconscious mind will manifest just that. If your stress that you can’t get a job, then you won’t  get it because you were thinking in a negative way versus thinking “I will get this job and I’m thankful for it”.
The same goes for everything in your life. Complaining and voicing the things that are wrong in our lives and constantly thinking about it is not going to change anything. Instead I would suggest that you try to learn from the past and leave it in the past. Talk about things that you want, not those that you don’t want.
Example:  If you keep saying that you don’t want a boyfriend who doesn’t listen to you, who flirts with other women, who drinks etc., you will probably meet another one that is just like that. Instead, I would think and talk about the qualities that you want him to have: to be more attentive, to live a healthy lifestyle, and love you. It’s as simple as that, because your subconscious mind doesn’t process the word No. Have you ever experienced the saying “When it rains it pours”? It’s because we attract just that. When we are happy and great things happen to us, we notice even more  amazing things happening to us because you manifest that.
You are going to ask me  “How can I possibly think of positive things when my life is so bad and I can’t catch a break? Well I have several solutions for you. You can program your subconscious mind to manifest positivity by exercising the options below:


  1. Affirmations – write down things  that you are thankful for, things that you want as if you already have them. Make a list like : I have a 3 bedrooms home, I’m healthy, I work out every day, I eat healthy, I have loving kids etc. Write them down on a paper and place it in your wallet or write in in your phone and read it three times a day (read it out loud if you can).
  2. Visualizations – imagine before you go to sleep that you already have those things, imagine everything in details. If you want a home, see the kitchen, see the balcony, how does it smell, how does he look, how does it feel? See your family and your friends congratulating you for the accomplishments you already have.
  3. Express gratitude- express gratitude daily for the things you already have. It’s great to look forward to things that we want, but often times we imagine that we will be happy when we achieve those and we forget to be happy now. Be thankful for the things you already have and have built  with your own hands while striving to achieve more. Always express gratitude.
  4. Positive thinking – if you cut yourself thinking negative, complaining or gossiping snap out of it. Force yourself to change the subject or your train of thought and go someplace that feels good and you can have happy thoughts. Train yourself to see the positive in everything. There are always two sides of the story chose the bright one
  5.  Do things that make you happy- Do things that make you feel good and make your life more enjoyable. If something feels bad, run away from it. If you happen to have friends and family that have bad energy and are very pessimistic and negative try to spend as little time around them as possible. Take a break to listen to some music, go dancing, go to the beach or  find your little environment that makes you feel good and do as much of that as you can.
Start working on these things daily and program yourself to become a happier person and manifest the things that you want to attract in your life. Make a point to do it for at least 30 days in a row until it becomes a habit and you don’t have to think much of it. You’ll see your life changing for the better and you’ll notice that a lot of amazing things and people will come into your life. You will get lucky as people say, except you had created your own luck by manifesting that.

Stay positive,
think of great things,
and please share your experiences with me.

Love you !

Veronica Parks

IG/FB-@VPyoga @ParksVeronica





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